Advisio stands for superior services. We provide you with solutions tailored for your needs. Whilst always making sure we provide the most up to date tailor made solutions in a timely fashion, we always do so with the highest levels of integrity and transparency.

Advisio’s services range beyond traditional property and casualty insurances. We offer services that help you become safer, more profitable and stronger corporations. Our services range from risk identification, risk quantification and risk transfer where appropriate.

We always work together with you as the center of our focus. This ensures your risk management philosophy and insurance objectives are met and implemented accordingly.

Quick response

Within 24 hours of receiving the inquiry we will provide you with all the necessary information tailored for your needs. In doing so, we are firmly committed to transparent and integrated operation.    

Indication of insurance premium and policy conditions

For most of the insurance classes indication of insurance premium and policy conditions is available within 72 hours – even for the most demanding insurance classes.

  • TECH Professional Indemnity

    Information technology and technological solutions are constantly evolving and occupy an increasingly important role in everyday life. Technological solutions are available to customers that can be used as the key elements for a successful business.

  • Commercial crime

    With globalization and technological progress enterprises have become increasingly exposed to various types of commercial crime. The latter may include employees, third party, or a combination of both in order to achieve personal benefits.

  • Professional Indemnity

    Your extensive educational background and learning by doing provides you with extensive professional know-how and experience. Even so, professional services often involve making subjective and speculative judgments and advices.

  • Directors & Officers

    As a director or officer of a company, you are exposed to a wide variety of risks which can result in your personal liability. A more stringent regulatory environment, complexity of social, political and economic environment as well as globalization, is contributing to a significantly increased scrutiny of directors and officers.

  • Property Insurance

    As the recent past proves, Slovenia is heavily exposed to natural catastrophes, such as flood, hail, windstorms, but foremost earthquake. Companies operational stability is equally dependant on individual unpredictable event such as fire, explosion, burglary etc.

  • Financial Institutions

    We are witnessing, now more than ever before, the complexity of financial institutions and risks relating to them. Regardless of you being a bank, insurance company, stock broker, stock exchange, hedge fund, VC or a private equity, you are facing a number of risks.

  • Medical malpractice

    Medical profession has long been subject to adverse development through liability claim by affected clients, their heirs or other legal representatives and their lawyers.

  • Terrorism

    Terrorism has become a very pertinent issue all over the World. Individuals as well as companies operating in regions exposed to terrorism as heavily exposed to the risk of terrorist actions.

  • Trade credit insurance

    Trade credit insurance provides protection for one of the most complex areas of your business – receivables of your buyers.

  • HR related products

    The main purpose of credit insurance schemes that companies create for your employees is to offer added value through adjustments of insurance products to their employees and to increase their motivation and loyalty to the company.