The United Kingdom has voted to end its membership of the European Union. The formal process of leaving the EU will take two years to implement. This timetable starts at the point that the UK formally informs the European Union of its intention to leave. During that period, Lloyd’s will continue to operate within the single market and under the current EU rules and regulations.

Lloyd’s have prepared for this outcome, and following today’s result they will be putting into action a contingency plan to ensure that Lloyd’s can continue to access its key European markets. They will be working closely with the UK Government, European Governments, regulators and the European Union on this transition.


The online editions of Sweden’s main newspapers were knocked out for several hours by unidentified hackers at the weekend. Several experts quoted in the media suggested the sites were subjected to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, in which hackers hijack multiple computers to send a flood of data to the target, cripping its computer system. (Source: Advisen).


On the March 16th 2016 our Lloyd’s event will be held in hotel Four Points by Sheraton (Mons) in Ljubljana

We have invited foreign experts for Cyber insurance, who will presents the latest trends and issues in the field of data breach. According to the Lloyd’s, data breach is currently represented as one of the biggest threats facing companies and national economies. 


Wildfires in the western United States have made 2015 the country’s most devastating fire year since at least 1960, despite the relatively small number of individual fires. More than 11 million acres (4.5 million hectares) have been burned in fires this year as of Friday, according to data from the National Interagency Fire Center. That vast acreage — greater than the size of Denmark — is expected to rise over the remainder of the year, but it makes 2015 already the first year in at least five and a half decades to exceed 10 million acres burned, according to NIFC data. That damage was done by 51,110 fires. By contrast, the last time US wildfires burned more than 9 million acres by October 8, in 2006, the number of fires totaled 84,578. (Source: Advisen).


We are very proud to announce our registration at Lloyd’s of London with effect from 1st October 2015. Therewith Advisio has become a „Broker at Lloyd’s“.

Advisio has become the very first registered Broker at Lloyd’s in Slovenia and the Adriatic region. Currently, there are only 3 insurance brokerage firms registered at Lloyd’s of 300 million market in Central and South Eastern Europe (inclusive of Germany).

Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, bringing together an outstanding concentration of underwriting expertise and talent. It is often the first to insure emerging, unusual and complex risks.

Around 80 syndicates underwrite insurance at Lloyd’s, covering all classes of business. Together they interact with thousands of brokers daily to create insurance solutions for businesses in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Lloyd’s insures the majority of FTSE 100 and Dow Jones industrial average companies.

Lloyd’s enjoys strong financial security supported by excellent ratings. Visit for more information.

Broker at Lloyd’s status is a new milestone in Advisio’s development. It underlines ambitious business endeavours and implemented international corporate governance and compliance standards of the company. The newly acquired status offers our clients enhanced access to global insurance markets and specialty solutions at a pace required in a rapidly evolving universe of risks.


In a gift to many musicians, movie-makers and other content-creators, a federal judge has found that the song “Happy Birthday To You” is entirely in the public domain. But the move could mean millions lost for the music publishing company that has been collecting on the copyright to one of the most widely sung songs in the world. US District Judge found Tuesday that the song’s original copyright, obtained by the Clayton F. Summy Co. from the song’s writers bought for $15 million in 1988 by Warner/Chappell Music Inc., only covered specific piano arrangements of the song and not its lyrics. (Source: Advisen).


US regulators have charged Volkswagen with manufacturing vehicles designed to evade government pollution controls, and said the German auto giant should urgently fixed nearly 500,000 cars. VW could face an $18bn penalty over the software made to meet clean-air standards during official emissions testing but which would internationally turn off during normal operations, US and California regulators said. (Source: Advisen).


The healthcare industry accounted for 21.1 percent of data breaches in the first half of 2015 the highest percentage of any industry, and remains the most vulnerable sector to cyber attacks. Of 888 data breaches tracked worldwide in the first six months of this year, healthcare accounted for 187 breaches, which was actually down from recent half-year periods. Nonetheless, healthcare had the dubious honor of taking the top spot in terms of number of records breached by industry with 84.4 million records, or 34 percent of the total. This represents a dramatic shift from the past few years when healthcare had relatively small numbers of records involved in data breaches. (Source: Advisen).


Ryanair has declared victory over Chinese hackers and clawed back around $5mio stolen in a bogus wire transfer. Funds used by the budget carrier to buy fuel were intercepted by hackers earlier this year. The funds were transferred to a Chinese bank in a “fradulent electronic transfer”, Ryanair said. The company, led by chief executive Michael O’Leary, said measures had been taken to protect it from similar attacks. (Source: Advisen).


Most (72.4%) of the insurance portfolio in the Slovenian insurance market belongs to the life insurance business, which are members of the SIA in 2014 generated 1,402.2 million premiums. Most of compulsory insurance is among the non-life insurance, the most among them is liability insurance. With a 97.9 percent share, the most important compulsory transport insurance. Their total premium in 2014 fell again, by 6.5%.

One of the three types of insurance, which always perceived positive growth, the general liability insurance. This with 61.5 million generated premium occupy a 3.2 percent share of eighth place in the insurance portfolio.

The distribution of reinsurance premiums by classes from 2013 has not changed significantly. According premium volume in the first place reinsurance, fire and natural disasters, which has a 41.3 percent share, followed by other life insurers with 19,1- motor hull insurance and reinsurance, with 11.5 percent share.

The largest market share SIA States in terms of collected premiums in 2014 (in%) of Zavarovalnica Triglav, dd (30.51%). Followed by Adriatic Slovenica d.d. (15.35%), the Mutual Health Insurance, dvz (13.32%) and Zavarovalnica Maribor d.d. (12.90%).

(Source: Statistical Insurance Bulletin 2015; Slovenian Insurance Association)


The damage to Alitalia to date by the consequences of a fire that broke out on May 7, 2015 at Fiumicino Airport amounts to 80 million euros. (Source: Advisen).


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Just one in five insurance policies covers holidaymakers if travel plans are disrupted by volcanic ash, Telegraph research has found. Iceland has issued its most severe volcanic eruption warning for two years, prompting fears that an ash cloud will leave millions of air passengers stranded at European airports. The current situation is reminiscent of 2010, when the eruption of the Eyjafjallajkull volcano in Iceland caused an ash cloud that led to 107,000 flights being cancelled over eight days. Around 10 million passengers were affected. EU regulations offer limited rights to delayed passengers, but these exclude severe weather and security risks. Of 20 major travel insurers, just five – Age UK, Biba Protect, John Lewis, Saga and Sainsbury’s – would compensate tourists who took standard cover if airlines were suspended.


Palestinian deputy economy minister Taysir Amro said the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip between Hamas and Israel is expected to have caused at least $4 billion to $6 billion in damage to the Palestinian territory, reports Business Standard citing Agence France-Presse.


According to Mail on Sunday, claims from the Costa Concordia disaster broke through the $2bn (EUR 1.2bn) barrier because of difficulties experts have faced salvaging the 114,500-ton liner.


According to Mondaq Business Briefing the fight against cybercrime constitutes an economic and legal challenge for companies. The digital revolution and the development of new technologies have significantly increased the risks to which companies are now exposed. Furthermore, the amount of damages caused by cyberattacks has literally exploded over the last few years. It is estimated that the cost of cybercrime has reached 750 billion euros per year in Europe.


According to Business Insurance the Malaysia Airlines jetliner crash in Ukraine could spark hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation claims and protracted legal disputes between the airline, insurers, governments and victims’ families.


Zürich Insurance Group has published rankings of the riskiest places in the world to do business. According to the rankings, Venezuela is the most dangerous country for business, and Taiwan is the safest emerging market for business. Croatia is ranked 22nd, while Slovenia is ranked 35th among 48 emerging markets considered. The rankings are based on 35 equally weighted criteria that cover financial, economic, and political risks. 


The damages caused by mid-May floods in the Croatian eastern municipalities of Gunja, Drenovci and Vrbanja exceed HRK 1.7bn (EUR 224.5mn).


According to EBRD “very rough preliminary estimates,” Serbia suffered 1.5-2 billion euros (2-2.7 billion dollars) and Bosnia 1.3 billion euros in direct damage.


Insurance companies paid out $45 billion in 2013 for natural catastrophes and man-made disasters around the world, including massive flooding, winter storms, tornadoes and hail, a Swiss firm said Wednesday. The amount represents about a third of the $140 billion in economic losses from 308 catastrophes and disasters, according to a study from Swiss Re, a Zurich-based wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer.


According to German Insurer Allianz SE has started to pay out compensation for the lost plane of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.


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25th May 2011

Tornado that devastated the soutwest Missouri town of Joplin to cost insurers up to US$3bn

3th April 2011
Japan Earthquake may cost insurance industry EUR 25 billion.

2nd November 2010
Advisio fully licensed for conducting insurance brokerage in all EU member states.

4th September 2010
Advisio fully licensed and approved by the Slovenian Insurance Supervisory Agency effective 31st August 2010.